Avure AV-M

Scalable Machines Wow Crowds at Expos

Process Expo and Pack Expo might be in 2017’s rear-view mirror, but people are still buzzing about the latest innovation introduced by JBT-Avure at the shows this year—the AV-M HPP Machine.

The AV-M is the newest scalable HPP machine, which allows companies to use HPP in the most cost-effective way possible .The AV-M is a perfect fit for customers who want to meet immediate production needs but be able to scale up as their product lines grow.

“The visitors to our booth were impressed at how easily JBT-Avure can help them add HPP to their product lines,”

“The response to the AV-M was amazing,” said Lisa Wessels, Marketing Director for HPP. “People are excited about the prospect of getting a machine that lets them get started with HPP. Plus they don’t have to worry about buying a whole new machine when they reach capacity. They simply expand the one they have, which can usually be done over the course of a weekend so there’s negligible impact on productivity.”

In addition to scalability, the AV-M has low operating expenses and is energy efficient. It is also engineered from the ground up to make routine maintenance faster and easier than any other HPP machine in the marketplace.

“The visitors to our booth were impressed at how easily JBT-Avure can help them add HPP to their product lines,” said Wessels. “We now have an HPP machine that will be a great fit for almost every customer that will allow them to scale easily and quickly as their company grows.

New this year at Process Expo, visitors were able to check out Avure HPP machines in virtual reality at the Virtual Reality Showroom. JBT-Avure was one of eight companies offering the chance to interact with technology and equipment using virtual reality and augmented reality-based hardware and software.

“We’ve always looked for ways to push the innovation envelope, so we jumped at the chance to be involved with the Virtual Reality Showroom,” said Wessels. “Visitors loved the ability to check out our HPP machines in VR.”

“And a big thanks to the hundreds of people who visited our booth during Pack Expo and Process Expo,” Wessels continued. “If the interest in high pressure processing at the expos are any indication, 2018 will be a banner year for HPP!”