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March CPC Meeting

Building on the success of the 2018 Annual Cold Pressure Council Conference, with more than 180 food and beverage industry professionals from 80 companies and 10 countries attending, this year’s conference looks even stronger.

The 2019 Annual Cold Pressure Council Conference will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, March 26-28. The conference kicks off with Monday night networking at the Keith House, a distinct 1870s mansion in the heart of the Historic District, only three blocks from McCormick Place. This year’s agenda includes: West Liberty Food VP Lee Johnson, Canadian Center for Fisheries Managing Director Robert Verge and The Good Foods Group VP & CPC Chairperson Joyce Longfield 

One of the most anticipated panel sessions, led by David Bloom from Factotem, will focus on the use of CPC’s new High Pressure Certified seal, which is featured on food and beverage products that use HPP and have met the CPC’s guidelines and best practices for HPP. The seal launched last year and is currently featured on Evolution Fresh juice, Suja Juice, Lemon Perfect beverage and Good Foods guacamole and plant-based dips.

JBT/Avure CMO Lisa Wessels commented, “The High Pressure Certified Seal is dedicated to making sure the technology adheres to safety standards by educating processors and brands about advancements and best practices in HPP.” 

HPP is currently a $12 billion industry and is expected to double in size over the next six years. HPP’s fast growth is due to more consumers looking for healthier, clean label options. 

Currently, HPP is used to process a wide array of refrigerated foods including meat, poultry and seafood, a variety of fruit and vegetable-based dips, sauces and spreads, as well as juices and other beverages. 

While these traditional HPP food categories are expected to continue their steady growth in the market, new HPP food categories are emerging and expected to see accelerated growth in coming years. Some examples include drinkable soups and functional beverages, ready meals and ready-to-cook meats, dairy-based dressings and snacks, baby foods and pet foods.  

“The birth of the High Pressure Certified Seal originated because HPP & CPG industry leaders wanted a logo program that would identify that HPP’d product as following the proper guidelines for safety, validation and the HPP process,” Wessels concluded.

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