Introducing JBT – Avure’s Newest Scalable HPP Machine –– the AV-M

Introducing JBT Avures Newest Scalable HPP Machine the AVM

Built for growth and success, the new AV-M, like its popular predecessor, the AV-X, is a machine that quickly scales for fast-growing food companies.

When Avure, now a proud member of the JBT family, first introduced the idea of a scalable high pressure processing machine, it was revolutionary. The ability for a company to start with a machine that could expand as their company grew was a game changer. Avure’s expandable AV-X quickly became the buzz in the industry because it allowed companies to use HPP in the most cost-effective way possible. And while the AV-X was a perfect fit for many customers, there were many who asked about the possibility of a smaller version that would meet their immediate production needs but also be able to grow as their production lines did.

Enter the AV-M.

With a smaller footprint than the AV-X, the AV–M enables food producers to buy the machine size that fits their current production needs, and as the company grows, the machine expands to keep up with increased production –– all without the expense or added floor space of a second machine. The AV-M easily upgrades from 20M to 30M to 40M with the highest possible throughput, increasing capacity up to 180 percent.

Because of market demand, many companies are launching new HPP food and beverage products. The AV-M can be an ideal solution, letting them start in the most cost-effective way possible and expand quickly as demand for their product grows.

“High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) is growing fast, and there are two key factors sparking that growth,” says Avure HPP Vice President and General Manager, Jeff Williams. “First, there’s the consumer’s desire for clean label, natural, fresh foods and beverages, which is a natural fit with HPP. And second, there are food manufacturers who want HPP’s food safety benefits and HPP’s advantages of better taste, texture and nutrition. No other food technology provides the same range of HPP’s benefits relative to nutrition, safety and shelf life extension.”

With over 60 years of high-pressure experience, Avure has always been the HPP leader in the food industry. Avure equipment is used to treat the majority of HPP-protected food in the world. But Avure does more than just make the equipment.

“Beyond developing innovative HPP machines, Avure also helps food companies with product development, recipe research and development, packaging, process validations, and navigating ever-changing food regulations,” added Williams.

“At Avure, we are proud that our scalable technology and the new AV-M is making HPP accessible to more food companies and consumers. Because better food safety, quality extension, taste, texture and nutrition is a win for consumers and food companies alike,” says Marketing Director LisaWessels.