Incubator Kitchens Help Entrepreneurs with Secret Recipes

We’ve all heard the stories of the pasta sauce business that started out in someone’s kitchen with their Sicilian great-grandmother’s secret recipe. Maybe there would be many more secret recipes with the help of today’s incubator kitchen. These commercial-grade kitchens are available for recipe development, experimentation and small-scale production. The idea is so popular that incubator kitchens are springing up from coast to coast.

Grateful Grahams, a small company in Northern Kentucky that makes handmade vegan graham crackers, used an incubator kitchen to grow their small business and now ship orders all over the country. And on the other side of the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Findlay Kitchen features over 8,000 square feet of shared use kitchen space waiting to serve food entrepreneurs.

In addition to Incubator Kitchens giving entrepreneurs a leg up, some large food companies provide training, space, and even venture capital to food start-ups with the next great idea. Campbell, General Mills, Kellogg, Chobani and more all invest in programs that could bring the next big food trend to market.

Avure also has a test kitchen to help clients develop and tweak HPP-friendly recipes to help them get their products off to the best possible start. Click here for more information on Avure’s test kitchen!