High Pressure Certified

Cold Pressure Council Debuts High Pressure Certified Logo

High-pressure processing has been used as an additional food safety aid for everything from juices to deli meats. As consumer recognition of HPP benefits has increased, a trade group representing members of the HPP industry is raising the visibility of the process. The Cold Pressure Council debuted a new “HPP Certified” seal earlier this year that can be placed on the packaging of products that have undergone the HPP process.

The Cold Pressure Council consists of HPP equipment and packaging suppliers, food processors that utilize HPP in their operations and tollers that own HPP equipment and process other companies’ food products for a fee. The CPC introduced the new certification mark in April.

As the logo was recently introduced, it has yet to appear on a meat product package. However, the standards set by the CPC allow for use of the logo on any raw ground, raw not ground and fully cooked not shelf-stable food products. Companies that go through the required third-party auditing to use the seal must have a validation service with HPP experience, either in-house of through a lab affiliated with the auditing company, states the Council. Furthermore, the auditor that conducts the review of the CPC member process must have prior HPP experience. Read the full article here.