Better Process Control School

Better Process Control School - BPCS | JBT Technical School

Better Process Control School (BPCS) is a US FDA, USDA and FSIS required course for processors of low-acid or acidified foods who export to the USA.

Participation in this course satisfies this training requirement by the US agencies.



Operating supervisors of thermal processing systems. Food plant personnel who work with low acid or acidified canned foods, quality assurance supervisors, research and development personnel, auditors and inspectors and government and academia working with canned food products.


  • Setting Critical Control Points (CCPs) in thermal processing and packaging of low acid foods in hermetically sealed containers
  • Importance of a well-organized program and process for effective control of CCPs
  • Communicating the importance of “NO DEVIATION” from prescribed CCPs
  • Stressing the importance of proper record keeping as both a control mechanism and documenting the adequacy of operational procedures


The course will be held by JBT technicians and it will be simultaneously translated in Italian.

  1. Introduction
  2. Microbiology of Thermally Processed Foods
  3. Principles of Acidified Foods
  4. Principles of Thermal Processing
  5. Principles of Food Plant Sanitation
  6. Food Container Handling
  7. Records and Recordkeeping
  8. Equipment, Instrumentation, and Operation for Thermal Processing Systems
  9. Still Steam Retorts
  10. Still Retorts Processing with Overpressure
  11. Hydrostatic Retorts
  12. Continuous Rotary Retorts
  13. Batch Agitating Retorts
  14. Aseptic Processing and Packaging Systems
  15. Closures for Double Seamed Metal and Plastic Containers
  16. Closures for Glass Containers
  17. Flexible and Semi-Rigid Containers


Certificates will be issued to those attendees who achieve a score of 70% or more for the examination given for each section of the course.


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