Accurate Insight on Stunner Performance

As one of the most critical pieces of equipment in a processing plant, the stunner has the ability to either maximize or hinder plant performance. The JBT MARS Stunner Monitoring and Reporting System delivers historical and real-time data on the status of the stunner cabinet and control box, including precise amperage and voltage readings updated at five second intervals.

Features & Benefits

  • Live Data Enables Better Performance – Pinpoint ideal stun settings for diverse poultry breeds and sizes with historical and real-time data. With informed setting management, you can control the quality of wing joints, help prevent meat downgrades due to stunning, and prevent curled necks/neck breaking and issues with lungs, crops and wind pipes.
  • Data for Planning and Oversight – Make informed selections about ideal stunner settings for specific breeds or flocks in second processing to prevent feathering of meat on carcass frames. Also, historical data can also be used in animal welfare audits to demonstrate the ethical stunning of birds.
  • User Friendly, Touchscreen Controller – The proprietary MARS Food Processing Solutions controller features a user-friendly interface that can be used to manage up to two stunners. The 7-inch touchscreen display enables easy setup and management, a significant improvement from the 1-line LCD display and complicated menu of other controllers. The display shows the voltage and amperage of the primary power source, backup source, stunner and secondary stunner. Also, unlike other controllers, data is not stored locally, but instead is continuously uploaded and stored to a Microsoft SQL Server database – making data available to users via reports, charts, status screens, printing, automatic report emailing, alarms and many other useful features.