Reliable Tracking for Simple Paw Recovery

The JBT Paw Recovery System precisely tracks chicken paws after they are separated from the rest of the bird, allowing paws to be automatically discarded in the event a USDA/NPIS official rejects a chicken on the evisceration line.

Features & Benefits

  • Precise Tracking with Custom Limits – Sensors on the picking and evisceration lines are linked to paw lines for seamless tracking, allowing paws to be automatically routed to the reject gate when necessary. Custom limits can also be set to reject additional paws before and after the flagged set as a failsafe to ensure they are discarded.
  • Automatic or Manual Rejection – The JBT Paw Recovery System can route paws to the reject gate automatically (if a bird is flagged as missing from the kill or evisceration line) or with the push of a button (USDA/NPIS rejection). In addition, the system accounts for reject tests routinely conducted by USDA inspectors or plant management.
  • Comprehensive Reporting to Track Compliance, Monitor Efficiency – Reporting within the JBT Paw Recovery System gives an accurate understanding of the number of paws flagged for rejection as well as the number of paws rejected overall due to set limits. The totals report shows rejects due to USDA/NPIS manual rejects, as well as paws rejected because the evisceration line was down or behind, or a bird on the kill line was missing on the evisceration line.