C.A.T., Inc. started manufacturing poultry chillers in 1996 and, since then, we have manufactured hundreds of systems both domestically and internationally. C.A.T., Inc. was the originator of the “FATCAT” chiller, which our competitors refer to as “high-side chillers.” The FATCAT chiller allows the processor the ability to increase production while still maintaining exit temperatures in the area previously used for the poultry chiller; this is accomplished in the greater capacity per foot that the FATCAT offers over traditional poultry chillers.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated patented air header, constructed of 8″ square tubing, doubling as an integral part of the chiller structure. Air header has removable caps at each end of the chiller to allow proper sanitizing and inspection.
  • Adjustable feet to meet any processing floor opportunities.
  • Extending the recirculation tanks lower in the chiller body allows earlier activation of the red water system to ensure that the water is as cold as possible before birds enter the chilling system.


  • Integrated CIP boxes to increase the efficiency of the sanitation process.
  • Chiller sections are built in lengths up to 30′, eliminating bearing transfers in the auger, which promotes a smoother process flow.
  • Optimum spacing on the auger flights helps to control bird backwashing, helping to keep the process flow much smoother.
  • Continuous welds to ensure your sanitation staff can easily sanitize the chiller body.
  • 2B finish on the outside of the chiller shell promotes quick sanitation of the chilling system.
  • Utilizing a 20″ shaft allows the end user to run the water at a higher level while still controlling bird backwashing.

Options & Models

  • Sizes from three to 12 feet, and offered in an auger platform, rocker platform, or the Trident rocker platform.