C.A.T., Inc. started manufacturing poultry chillers in 1996 and, since then, we have manufactured hundreds of systems both domestically and internationally. C.A.T., Inc. was the originator of the “FATCAT” chiller, which our competitors refer to as “high-side chillers.” The FATCAT chiller allows the processor the ability to increase production while still maintaining exit temperatures in the area previously used for the poultry chiller; this is accomplished in the greater capacity per foot that the FATCAT offers over traditional poultry chillers.

Features & Benefits

  • Most reliable drive assembly available today
  • Proven to increase plant yields
  • Offers a degree of surge protection against line stoppage
  • By sizing and timing the unloader, the process flow of the birds is much smoother as they transverse the chill system
  • The C.A.T. rocker arm pre-chiller can be added to any chill system
  • C.A.T. also offers a retro-fitted rocker arm for existing C.A.T. auger pre-chillers


  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Independent unloader
  • Unloader is sized and timed to ensure consistent output

Options & Models

  • Available in many different variations to fit your processing needs