Our Forced Circulation Evaporator is specifically designed to obtain high quality tomato and fruit paste. The unit can process super-hotbreak products that are highly viscous and hard to process. It utilizes one series of multiple effect evaporators, each effect includes: a vertical tube-nest, a liquid vapor separation chamber and a recirculation pump. The vertical tube nests, in effect, are tube-in-shell heat exchangers with upward forced flow recirculation. 

Features & Benefits

  • Capable of operating more than 45 days without downtime
  • Start-up and shut-down controlled by PC/PLC system
  • Low temperature reduces damages due to overcooking
  • Minimized risk of burning given that the heat exchanger is consistently wet
  • Capacity to process super-hot break products that are highly viscous and difficult to work with

Options & Models

  • Model 3514