Meet the Toller HydroFresh HPP

Quick Quiz: Name a one-stop-shop for HPP toll processing located near the nexus of almost 60 percent of the population of the United States? If you said Hydrofresh HPP, in northwestern Ohio, you’d be correct!

Located in Delphos, Ohio, Hydrofresh HPP’s 36,000-square-feet refrigerated warehouse includes 1500 pallet positions for storing products pre- and post-processing in cool 40 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. And standing by to apply the HPP to all those products? A JBT/Avure AV-40X expandable HPP machine with the fastest throughput the industry has to offer.

The Hydrofresh HPP line was designed to run a wide range of HPP products including all varieties of proteins, bulk pouches, plastic bottles and anything else in which an HPP product might be stored.

“Anything a manufacturer needs for their product, we can handle”

“We have one of the best HPP toll service lines in the country,” said Mike Billig, Hydrofresh HPP’s Vice President of Business Development. “I’ve spent the last 15 years in the HPP business and helped design a gentle-handling system for HPP products that includes a lot of value-added services from catch-weight management to organizing and packing pallets to handling final distribution…anything a manufacturer needs for their product, we can handle. And because of the special gentle-handling line, yield loss is minimized, saving Hydrofresh HPP’s customers money.”

And as an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group, Hydrofresh HPP customers have access to a large and efficient logistics network for a one stop shop for transportation, warehousing and distribution, and repackaging.

Hydrofresh HPP’s management team, including President Don Klausing, have extensive backgrounds in the food industry and harness that experience to answer questions and solve any problems a customer may have. Hydrofresh HPP works closely with the HPP experts at JBT/Avure, so customers have access to the JBT/Avure food lab, which provides assistance with recipe development, process validation, food safety studies and food science expertise.

Hydrofresh HPP is also located relatively close to the JBT-Avure HPP machine manufacturing facility in Middletown, Ohio, so they often receive visitors who want to see the world’s best HPP machine in action.

With plans to expand the JBT/Avure AV-40X in the coming year, Hydrofresh HPP will be able to handle an even greater volume of HPP products as consumer demand for cleaner labels and healthier products skyrocket.

For more information about Hydrofresh HPP, check out their website.