HPP Boosts Premium Beverage Innovation

“HPP is an ideal solution for juice and beverage companies”

Got a craving for a strawberry, orange banana smoothie? Or perhaps something a little more exotic, like a cucumber, pineapple, lemon, ginger juice. Before high pressure processing came along to the beverage industry, you’d have to break out the blender or juicer or go find a high-end juice bar to get the fresh taste and nutrient-packed punch you were looking for. But thanks to HPP, a delicious beverage, in flavors you may only have dreamed of, is as close as your grocer’s refrigerated section.

“HPP is an ideal solution for juice and beverage companies”

The ready-to-drink beverages retailers stock in their cold cases continues to expand in variety, thanks to advanced clean label technologies like HPP.

HPP preserves flavor and nutrition and extends shelf like without the introduction of heat, which can be detrimental to the nutritional value of fresh juices. And that extended shelf life means a juice made in California can make it to a grocery store almost anywhere in the world still jam-packed with nutrition as well as fresh taste.

With HPP, the beverages are subjected to extremely high isostatic pressure (think 87, 000 psi), which effectively inactivates pathogens, preserves freshness, makes a safer product and extends shelf life dramatically. And since there’s no chemical additives or preservatives needed, the beverage can boast the clean label today’s health-conscious consumer demands.

“HPP is an ideal solution for juice and beverage companies who want to maintain the nutrition and fresh taste of their product, while also giving providing food safety and a shelf life similar to pasteurized products,” says Lisa Wessels, JBT-Avure CMO.

But delicious fruit and vegetable mixes are just the beginning. The RTD sector is expanding with an ever-increasing variety of drinkables including pro-biotic infused drinks, cold soups, liquid meals and bone broths, coffees and teas of every description, plant-based protein drinks, wellness shots, and even cocktail mixers.

So no matter what your taste, there’ll soon be a drinkable that appeals to everyone, thanks to HPP. Prost!