Sanitary, gentle, integrated powder processing on customized systems that are easy to use, economical to own, and beyond reliable

JBT, Powder Filling at Its Best

Sometimes you can tell when you’ve come across something extra special. JBT’s powder processing equipment and powder filling services are just that. Major global brands are reveling in this feeling – and the real results they get from their PLF solutions.

Designed and manufactured for flexibility, accuracy, cleanliness, gentle product handling, and user-friendliness, these machines are sure to be your favorites as well. With JBT’s broad selection of integrated powder handling equipment, we know you’ll find the ideal model for your application.

As mentioned, our equipment excels at versatility. JBT powder filling machines can:

Accommodate many styles of rigid and semi-rigid packaging – like steel and composite cans, jars, and bottles

Use the most appropriate filling method – vacuum, volume, time, or an optimal mix of these – for your powder or granular product 

Plus, because JBT processing equipment employs the latest technology, you’re guaranteed to have the freshest, safest products. All the flavor and nutrition your consumers demand is locked inside.

Outfitting Your Entire Powder Processing System

Chances are you have processing steps before and after your powder filling station. Fortunately, JBT’s with you up and down the line. We can help you with other powder manufacturing activities like:

  • Scoop or spoon placing
  • In-line gassing
  • Seaming packaging
  • Inspecting containers
  • Barcode labeling and verification for track and trace

Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a single manual powder filling machine or for multiple automatic powder filling machines. JBT can get you set up in the way that makes most sense for your operation.

Given our large portfolio of high-quality equipment, it’s easy to find one or two options for each task. This lets you:

  • Conveniently shop for all your equipment and services in one place
  • Deal with only one supplier
  • Customize your manufacturing line to suit your needs
  • Replace single components of your current production set-up
  • Agilely respond to production process or regulatory changes
  • Integrate with other brands to get the best solution for your product
  • Smoothly scale your operations

You can also tack on our upgrade kitspartsmaintenance, and training options to create an even more tailored and productive system. JBT’s overarching aim is to make establishing your production line a straightforward and low-stress experience.

Next-Gen Tech for Your Powder Processing Today

You expect the absolute best for your operation. Commitment to excellence can give you an edge in your business. The production machinery on your factory floor needs to support this ideology.

This is our mantra, too. It’s the reason JBT prioritizes mindful design in all our products. From ideation to installation, we’ve engineered thoughtful features and functionality that save you time, money, and effort. For instance, you’ll appreciate:

  • Construction that leverages advanced methods and materials
  • Ability to integrate with other powder processing equipment
  • Customizability and configurability to meet your specifications
  • Enhanced product safety
  • Reduced training
  • Quicker deployment
  • Greater equipment longevity
  • Higher resale value

Powder Processing, the Simple Way

One tried-and-true way to facilitate your production? Use equipment that’s meant for making your specific product. Even better – only onboard the most heavy-duty, reliable machinery.

Incorporating the proper, purpose-built solutions sets you up for a high-functioning powder processing line. It can also mitigate many of the challenges you face by:

  • Automating processing
  • Utilizing simple, intuitive controls
  • Minimizing the amount of operator training
  • Reducing risks of human error
  • Allowing you options to address your specific needs

If that weren’t enough, JBT’s processing lines make achieving your operational goals – like product quality targets, increased throughput, minimizing downtime, etc. – simple. It comes with the territory of using our equipment.

Product Integrity – It’s In There

When your machines aren’t transforming inputs into finished goods according to the production schedule, you’re going to have costly problems. Equipment downtime means rotten ingredients, idle workers, and missed deadlines. It’s critical that the powder filling units on your manufacturing line always work properly.

JBT knows the ramifications of unplanned outages. That’s why we’ve made our processing equipment so tough. We use the sturdiest materials and proven manufacturing approaches to achieve unparalleled durability. For you, this translates into:

  • Easier and less expensive upkeep
  • Fewer operational issues
  • Minimal service interruptions caused by operational issues

Features & Benefits

You’ll hardly believe we could squeeze so much functionality into our powder filling machines. It was hard work, but the results are totally worth the effort. All these capabilities mean your food production will get done quickly, correctly, and safely.

  • Productive – Quick product/container changeovers streamline operations
  • Efficient – Minimal dust generation and waste conserves materials, costs, and energy
  • Versatile – Ability to fill a wide variety of container types with a range of powders and granules by vacuum, volume, or time (or a combo of these)
  • Accurate – Machine precision, proper technique, and extensive testing ensure exactness
  • Hygienic – Easy to clean for safer products and reduced maintenance and downtime risk
  • Purity – No moving parts touch the powders or granules during filling for reduced risk of contamination
  • Gentle – Global support staff to help as needed
  • Bespoke – Each machine customized to customer requirements for excellent accuracy and consistency
  • Extensible – Can add on ancillary processing equipment for complete, integrated solution
  • Diagnostics – Real-time production feedback facilitates production efficiency, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance planning
  • Innovation – Extensive testing capabilities to help expedite product development
  • Support – Global support staff to help as needed

If you have questions about these features or how they can improve your operations, contact us today.

PLF Powder Filler

The Most Trusted Brand

PLF Logo

It would not be good if your powder processing equipment petered out in a puff of dust. We wouldn’t let that happen to you! It’s why JBT only sells the best makes and models available.

Speaking of outstanding brands, PLF International has dominated the powder filling machine market since the mid-1990s. On top of impressive systems adaptability, this machinery lasts. It holds up to time and constant usage like no others.

Because of this, well-known companies around the world depend on PLF’s flexible powder equipment. Similarly, you can confidently count on your PLF machines to meet – and exceed – your production demands. PLF units are so trusty, they can help your business:

  • Maximizing uptime
  • Operate safely and efficiently
  • Realize cost and productivity advantages
  • Reduce waste

End-to-End FoodTech Systems

JBT carries a lot of premium quality machinery – not just that dry powder filling machine you’re eyeing hungrily. If you have a food processing need, we’ve got solutions for you. For instance, we have products and services for markets such as:

JBT checks all the boxes – everything you need before, during, and after each step.

JBT, a True Partner in FoodTech

Now that you’ve connected with JBT, you’re in a good spot. We can take care of all your food processing needs – we’ve got more than just machines here. You don’t have to keep searching for operational support.

Focused on You

We believe that our businesses are stronger together. To that end, JBT strives to build collaborative, constructive, and enduring relationships with our customers.

By fostering this dynamic relationship, JBT can serve you better and deliver greater value. It also affords us an opportunity to give you the attention and respect you deserve. You’re more than just a sale to JBT and we look forward to working with you for years to come.

Innovation & Testing Centers

We like to go above and beyond. Our Research & Technology Centers – an incredible and unique perk that we offer you – are much more than mere test kitchens or labs. At these facilities, you can:

  • Test machines
  • Explore production line configurations
  • Perfect your recipes and techniques
  • Consult with technical experts
  • Gain insights from extensive data

Connect with JBT Expertise

JBT’s been a leader in the food industry for well over a century. Our accumulated knowledge and experience – which is extensive! – is here for your benefit. We encourage you to take advantage of our talented team.

You get this extra level of support because we know food processing can get complicated. Having JBT as your go-to FoodTech resource might be the “thing” that helps all the pieces fall into place for you. Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or requests. We’re ready to help you.