We offer the experience, capabilities and equipment needed to handle any custom stainless steel fabrication need. We will custom fabricate the products to your specifications or will custom fabricate a new process system based on your engineering drawings and unique requirements.We fabricate a wide variety of ASME shell and tube heat exchangers for high-pressure applications in the chemical, petroleum, pulp/paper, renewable energy and water treatment industries.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom made
  • Automated surface finishing
  • Semi-automated welding of highest quality
  • Lifting capacity of 70 tons with 31 feet under the hook
  • Highly advanced engineering and fabrication technologies


  • We can custom fabricate many products including:
  • Control enclosures
  • Stainless steel desks and tables
  • Ductwork
  • Flo-vertors
  • Hoppers
  • Platforms
  • Pump mount plates
  • Tube/pipe hangers