We custom design, fabricate and install flavor vats for adding flavoring or coloring to a variety of tasty foods. Our flavor vats, including ice cream flavor vats, are built to size. Utilizing a variety of flowmeter and load cell technologies and agitation and low to high-shear mixing options, flavor vats can be customized to accommodate extracts, purees and powdered flavor enhancement systems. Our A&B flavor vats and custom agitators can be skidded for specific applications. A Clean-in-Place (CIP) system can also be integrated in order to facilitate cleaning between batches.

Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomic, efficient, and sanitary
  • Flexibility with tank size and number of compartments ranging from one to four


  • For mixing a base ice-cream mix to a variety of flavored mixes via the addition of flavorings, purees and extracts.