Product Category

Bone-in or boneless meat injection

  • Uniformly distribute moisture with accuracy
  • Production rates up to 35,000 lbs. / hour
  • Inject & marinate pork bellies, poultry, and seafood

Features & Benefits

  • EASY CLEANABILITY with stainless steel surfaces and an efficient filtration system that boasts a self cleaning drum filter to eliminate 95% of solids. Dual pressure filters also significantly reduce any additional solids before going into the needles.
  • CONSISTENCY & ACCURACY with a programmable touch screen
  • VERSATILITY enhances the different products and profiles on the same machine


  • Up to 488 special alloy stainless steel standard needles or optional tenderizer needles, both available in sizes: .118” (3 mm) .158” (4 mm) .188” (5 mm)
  • Fully adjustable injector speed up to 55 strokes/minute
  • Up to 85% injection range from a single pass (product dependent)
  • Optional 1-way (down)( or 2-way full flow (up & down) brine valve
  • 60 -gallon brine holding tank
  • 5-stage brine filter
  • 25 hp at 460V (35 amp), 3-phase, 60Hz
  • 80 psi air 3/8″ npt 1 1/2″ brine connection
  • Quick change needle modules

Options & Models

  • 30” wide product belt width
  • Single and double head options
  • In-feed and out-feed conveyors can be manufactured to meet your needs