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Our Smart Dryer System maximizes the energy efficiency of your fresh produce dryer. Uniform temperature, humidity and dryer cleanliness are critical to maintaining produce quality and for ensuring proper curing of your coating application. Designed to improve performance of your existing dryer, the Smart Dryer System utilizes the latest micro-processor technology to monitor these functions & more.

Features & Benefits

  • Touch screen user interface
  • Built-in gas safety devices and motor overload monitoring
  • Temperature and humidity sensors along length of dryer
  • Exhaust Volume Control VFD
  • Plenum and air duct screen cleanliness sensors/indicators
  • Visual display of functions and sensors allows quick monitoring and user interaction
  • Quickly troubleshoot safety switch activation and reduce downtime
  • Ensures consistent temperature and humidity levels for produce quality
  • Vents humid air from the system to reduce operational costs with heating
  • Allows maintenance personnel to easily see when cleaning is needed for most efficient drying