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Our Brush Bed System comes in multiple brush configurations and sizes for both cleaning and waxing of different types of product.

Features & Benefits

  • Motor and drive mounting designed for food safety
  • Easy to maintain stainless steel A-frames
  • Easy access covers with clamp latches
  • Clean out system with food grade UHMW track and stainless steel chain and take-up
  • Heavy duty 11gauge stainless steel with #4 finish
  • Brush drive system with #60 chain and steel sprockets
  • Spindle aluminum idle pin hubs with 1″ stainless steel idle shaft
  • Heavy duty stainless steel legs, feet, spreader and fruit guards


  • Specifications:
  • Electrical Requirements: 230/460 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 Hz
  • Pin Range: 8-72
  • Width: 2-7 feet

Options & Models

  • Stainless steel flipper bar and frame
  • Multi-drive arrangement
  • Customized brush and water removal configurations
  • Application system for waxes, sanitizers, etc.
  • Automated clean-in-place system