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The JBT PRoDOSE System is an automatic chemical mixing system that can dispense repeatable, consistent quantities of postharvest treatments in nearly any line application.The PRoDOSE System accurately mixes up to three different treatment chemicals directly into the process supply lines, eliminating the need for large mix tanks and hand mixing.The system can be used with concentrated chemicals to maintain mix ratios in tanks or fluid lines. A static mixer is used after the injection points to adequately mix the chemicals with the fluid medium prior to returning to the tank or pipeline.Electric servo motors are used for enhanced accuracy and control of the pistons. The PRoDOSE is easy to use, clean, and maintain without the need for special tools.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced and accurate servo-driven controls dosing of chemicals from a container (+/-1 mL).
  • Able to handle a variety of chemicals of many viscosities (up to 3.5 Stokes or 350 Cp).
  • Dosing units are easily serviced without the use of tools..
  • Use with a recirculation pump to keep tanks at a desired ppm, easily adjustable for many applications.
  • Colored HMI touch screen enables easy system monitoring and set-up for each dosing chemical.
  • Three 10-gallon chemical holding containers included to allow easy change-over and flexibility in treatment selection.
  • Static Mixer attached to the outlet line to mix fluids (tank recirculation and injected chemicals) before entering back into the tank.
  • Quick-disconnects on inlet and outlet lines for quick charging and easy maintenance
  • Base unit can handle up to three dosing units and are expandable to a maximum of four base units (12 chemicals).
  • Mixers mounted above 10-gallon Stainless Steel chemical containers to keep chemicals agitated (if required).


  • Overall Dimensions: 49 in (124 cm) x 31 in (79 cm) x 88 in (224 cm)