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The JBT Heated Flooder comes in multiple configurations and sizes for sanitation different types of products.


  • Superior residues and decay control **with relatively low concentration of fungicide
  • Excellent coverage (vs. tanks or non-recovery sprays)
  • Recycled (reduces fungicide usage and waste stream)
  • When heat is used (it may not be for certain fungicides), very little loss in temperature of treatment water between theweir and the fruit (vs. other styles of flooder systems) = better energy efficiency and **better residue deposition
  • System is compatible with PAA or chlorine sanitizers (which one you use would be dependent on the fungicide used)
  • Relatively low water volume to dispose of (vs. a typical tank treatment)
  • Excellent coverage and low contact time allows for use of heat without risk of damage
  • Relatively small footprint and can be installed over existing equipment.


  • Electrical Requirements: 20 amp 480v 3PH
  • Pin Range: 6-10 Brushes