Product Category

The KDCMA machine is a modular, fully automatic clipper whose basic and accessory components are interchangeable. Every model can be easily optimized for the required application. These user-friendly and efficient machines handle natural, artificial, and fibrous casings for a variety of portioned food and non-food applications.

Please see case study on Wenneman here.

Features & Benefits

  • Handle calibers from 25mm to 120mm
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Service friendly with low maintenance costs due to well-conceived, open design that stresses maximum stability and easy access to critical areas
  • All valves are identical simplifying inventory and lowering stock levels
  • Ergonomic inclination of machine improves handling and view of production area
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • JBT TIPPER TIE PRoCARE® available


  • Applications – sausage, fresh ground meats, soy tofu/tempeh/seiten chubs, vegan sausage, fresh ground fish, surimi/sausage paste, raw/frozen/refrigerated pet food, pumpable cheese, soup, sauce, ground fruits and vegetables, and sealants and adhesives chub packages
  • Movable, adjustable casing brake prevents overloading and ensures exact filling
  • Convenient operation via touch screen with 50 stored programs, in addition to controlling stop counter, portions per minute, system setting menu, machine switch menu, fault report, product setting menu fault position, loop test, label test, and display of stuffer start
  • Inclined, smooth surfaces and new design with freely suspended lock plates meet maximum hygiene requirements
  • Single-action cylinders in clip closure area increase machine speed and significantly lower air consumption, saving money
  • Four displacer plates ensure clean sausage tails even in large calibers

Options & Models

  • Output tray for ring-shaped products
  • Outlet roller conveyor for chubs
  • Label feeder with printer
  • Spool clip system to reduce reloading times
  • String dispenser for producing ring-shaped products
  • Visual length stop (variable) to reduce cut-off residue when slicing
  • Automatic loop feeder for suspended products
  • Electronic counter