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The SwiStickXXL automated hanging system is ideal for efficiently producing portions or strings of sausages. Joined with TIPPER TIE automatic double clippers, the SwiStickXXL safely and precisely suspends all sausages across an array of casing types, calibers, and string lengths.

Please read a case study on TIPPER TIE customer Carniprod here.

Features & Benefits

  • Single operator reduces labor costs
  • Meets or exceeds highest safety standards
  • Easily handles plastic, fibrous, and collagen casings
  • Accommodates calibers from 20mm to 120mm with maximum sausage/string length of 1700mm
  • Individual sausage or chain weights can vary from 500g to 10kg
  • Hangs as many as 65 loops/minute on smoking sticks, depending on product
  • Available for smoking stick lengths of 800mm to 1200mm
  • Can be configured to customers’ current smoking sticks eliminating special formats
  • High capacity, motorized magazines hold up to 30 smoking sticks each
  • Entire line stops automatically if magazine is emptied
  • Connects to TIPPER TIE double clipper like TT1815 or TT1512
  • Parallel turret for double clipper makes casing changeovers quicker creating only about two seconds of standstill for filling machine, production virtually uninterrupted
  • Does not have to be disconnected to change loops or clips, only string loop housing has to be opened
  • Robot or automatic conveyor system can move heavier filled smoking sticks from SwiStickXXL buffer to smoking trolley
  • Design for reliability and easy maintenance
  • JBT TIPPER TIE PRoCARE® available


  • Applications – pepperoni, dry sausage, smoked sausage, vegan sausage, and raw/frozen/refrigerated pet food
  • Driven by maintenance-free servo motors
  • State-of-the-art PLC control operated via multi-lingual, graphical touch screen on double clipper
  • Quick recall of all settings like number of sausages per smoking stick and spacing on the sticks
  • Monitoring system sends operator visual signal when only few sticks remain in magazine
  • Imminent maintenance work communicated via touch screen
  • System control positions individual string loops delivering 25% utilization improvement for each smoking stick, smoking trolley, and cooking or smoking chamber
  • Efficient smoking stick replacement system ejects filled stick from TTStick into buffer in only 600 microseconds and new stick supplied from magazine
  • Integrated safety control system monitors production and in event of machine error stops line and places TTStick, clipper, and stuffer into standby position
  • Buffer safety stop activated as soon as delivery table full
  • Smooth, angled, stainless steel surfaces allow fast, hygienic cleaning