TIPPER TIE Automated Hanging Systems and Carniprod: Top Romanian Processor Relies on TIPPER TIE in Quality and Productivity Roles.

The town of Tulcea, near the Black Sea in eastern Romania, is home to one of that country’s leading meat products operations, Carniprod. Since its founding in 1993, the company has evolved into a vertically integrated organization with full control over its products from the genetic lines of its pigs and their feed to processing and delivery. Even the biogas from the company’s two pig farms is used to generate ecological electric energy which is unique in Romania.

The company’s sophisticated processing facilities are the most recent examples of an unwavering and long time dedication to creating the best possible products. In its high-tech product analysis laboratory, extensive safety and quality checks are conducted throughout the work day. Detailed physical and chemical analyses are performed to ensure products not only meet tough European standards, but measure up to Carniprod’s lofty expectations.

Despite a lingering soft economy where the costs of living and production seem only to rise; Carniprod has remained committed to delivering value to its customers. Some competitors have chosen instead to sacrifice quality to provide lower cost products, creating a marketing dilemma for top producers. Director General Nicolae Ciuleac does not blink, “In terms of quality, I do consider myself a leader because we produce only from meat without soya bean additives and without MDM’s (mechanically deboned meat). We don’t use these materials during processing, and for that I consider myself a bit special…compared to others.” Ciuleac does see the Romanian market beginning to shift and to call for more quality, “Yes, it demands quality so our development department is constantly adding new products to our portfolio. Demand is increasing. The demand for better quality is constantly increasing.”

“The taste that dares you,” is the tagline that defines the fruits of Carniprod’s labors. Its appetizing selection includes smoked sausages, ham, various salami styles, meat sausages, pork sausages, frankfurters, bologna, and bacon. These premium foods are distributed through twenty-one of its own retail stores in the Tulcea area and the number continues expanding, according to Ciuleac. There are also solid export markets in England, Spain, and Italy.

Quality Producer Demands Quality Partners

For some time Carniprod has looked to TIPPER TIE packaging and processing systems to help it optimize production. As its business has grown and as old machines have made way for newer technologies, Carniprod has repeatedly selected a variety of TIPPER TIE systems to bolster its processing lines. This includes bowl choppers, automatic clippers, and SwiStick suspension technology. As Nicolae Ciuleac notes, “We have almost all of the machines that you make.”

Reliance like this on a single source supplier is not by chance. Management clearly sees its business goals aligned with hallmarks of TIPPER TIE machines, such as productivity, simple operation, labor efficiency, low maintenance, and state-of-the-art design. Mr. Ciuleac, an astute business man who does not easily hand out unearned compliments, says, “I have no complaints. The cutter is good. The clipping machines are good. I’ve heard nothing bad about them from our operators” He goes on to compare TIPPER TIE performance to other machines he has had, “They are maintenance-friendly and the costs are…much lower. Other brand machines were both loud and tricky to operate. What we have from TIPPER TIE is better.”

When he is asked by others about TIPPER TIE, Nicolae Ciuleac remarks he is not be able to say anything bad, “I tell everyone ‘I have no problems. The machines work well. We’re satisfied.’”