JBT’s automated poultry skid delivers high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective mixing and chilling solutions

Whatever type of solution you add to your product, the process must always begin with mixing and chilling. Without properly dissolved ingredients, effective temperature control, and the correct order of ingredient addition, your end products will be plagued with flavor, purge, texture, and shelf-life problems. These are issues you can’t afford in today’s highly competitive and demanding markets. JBT’s Wolf-Tec Polar Dissolver Skid delivers superior mixing consistency across a wide range of chicken marination applications at an affordable price.

The system features twin 250-gallon tanks with cooling jackets that can operate with glycol or ammonia, and temperature monitoring in both tanks controls external cooling. With intuitive touch-panel controls, you can easily monitor solution temperature and mixing time, and an optional upgrade also offers advanced recipe programming. 

The polar dissolver’s dome-top design, stainless-steel construction, and sealed man-way doors provide the highest level of sanitation and hygiene, and all brine piping is quickly removable for cleaning. In terms of food safety, performance, process control, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, JBT’s automated poultry skid leads the way.

Features & Benefits

The Wolf-Tec Polar Dissolver offers effective, reliable mixing and chilling for producers in diverse markets. This system not only provides superior results; it also proves that high-powered applications can be simple, affordable, and user-friendly.

  • Recipe-driven controls – Upgraded touchscreen controls allow you to preload up 25 recipes into the system, reliably producing batches of the highest quality.
  • Consistent results – The Wolf-Tec Polar Dissolver Skid meters in ingredients, eliminating clumping and thoroughly mixing solutions at the correct temperature and consistency every time.
  • Adaptable performance – The system offers both manual and automatic controls, while the optional shear and foil mixers allow you to customize mixing for even the most challenging applications.
  • Cutting-edge technology – Both 250-gallon tanks are fitted with cooling jackets and temperature monitoring, and they’re compatible with ammonia or glycol usage.
  • Hygienic design – The system’s stainless-steel construction and polished internal surfaces make cleaning easier than ever.
  • Optimized for safety and security – The dome-top design and sealed man-way doors ensure sanitary operation and biosecurity, protecting your workers, customers, and brand reputation.

Wolf-tec Polar Dissolver Models & Options

Shear Mixer

The dissolver mix tank can be supplied with a high-shear mixer to provide additional mixing and dissolving capacity. The shear mixer is ideal for ingredients that resist blending – such as solids that must be broken down or high-viscosity liquids that must be evenly distributed throughout the mixture. The high-shear mixture can reduce particle size and prevent downstream clogging issues during injection for even the most challenging pickles and brines.

Foil Mixer

The Dissolver hold tank can be fitted with a foil mixer to deliver gentle mixing and agitation. The foil mixer is designed to create uniform flow with minimal agitation to allow for the continued suspension of ingredients in the solution such as proteins and starches. The foil mixer is designed to maintain the quality and uniformity of more difficult or delicate brines and pickles.


Does JBT provide maintenance services for this system?

Yes! At JBT, we know that our job doesn’t stop when you get your equipment. We’re dedicated to providing ongoing support including maintenance, repairs, and replacement parts to ensure that your operation runs smoothly at every stage of production. You’ll have access to an expert support team 24/7 who are available to answer any questions regarding your machine and how it can most effectively fit into your systems.

How customizable is this system?

The Wolf-Tec Polar Dissolver can be fitted with a number of highly impactful customizations. The system can be controlled manually or automatically, and optional shear and foil mixers allow you even more control over brine texture and consistency. Additionally, with a simple upgrade, you can program up to 25 pre-set recipes to improve automatic performance. With the ability to configure your machine to accommodate your existing set-up and needs, you’ll be able to meet your specific goals every time.  

Is the Wolf-Tec Polar Dissolver easy to operate?

While the system allows for extensive customization, its intuitive touchscreen controls, programmable automation, and superior temperature and consistency capabilities make operation simple and cost-effective. With a cutting-edge design and a focus on practical application, you can learn how to get the most out of your machine with minimal training requirements.

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When you become a JBT partner, you gain coveted access to our Research & Technology Centers. With more than a dozen facilities around the world, you can visit our experts to test out new equipment, view new technologies, refine your recipes, and get a close look at operations. Our specialists are here to work side-by-side with you to answer your questions and optimize your production lineup.  

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