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Our Polar Fusion Holding Tanks are specially designed for holding high viscosity brines at the correct temperature for your process. The tanks are designed with dome tops, a sealed man-way door provides the highest levels of sanitary design and bio-security. All pipework is easily removed for cleaning.  Brine is gently circulated by a bottom sweep agitator to ensure that the high viscous brine remains ready to use.  An external cooling jacket can operate with glycol or ammonia.

Features & Benefits

  • Dome top design and sealed man-way doors provide highest levels of sanitary design
  • Cooling jacket can operate with Glycol or Ammonia
  • Temperature monitoring in the tank controls external cooling
  • All brine piping is quickly removable for cleaning
  • Bottom sweep agitator to maintain brine integrity

Options & Models

  • Models:
  • Wolf-tec PFHT 250 – Capacity: approx. 250 gallons / 950 liters
  • Wolf-tec PFHT 500 – Capacity: approx. 500 gallons / 1900 liters