Backed by years of secondary and further processing knowledge, the experts at JBT recognized the need for improved food safety to replace antiquated metal detection technology. Not only does JBT XVision X-ray detection ensure consumer safety and retailer demands are met, it also plays an integral part in completing Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventative Controls (HARPC) plans and staying compliant with FSMA. With JBT XVision, processors will:

  • Detect a broader range of foreign matter
  • Have the flexibility of upstream or downstream X-ray detection equipment placement
  • Detect foreign matter regardless of sensitive product states or conductivity properties
  • Be supported through JBT’s best-in-class iOPS® platform
  • Identify foreign matter through foil packaging as well as a wide range of raw and packaged product
  • Eliminate uninspected “dead zones” in packaged product
  • Reduce false product rejection with fast and reliable QNX software


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