Tasty Science in the HPP Test Kitchen

We’re always cooking up something delicious in the Avure test kitchen –Guacamole? Yes. Salsa and hummus? Of course. And fruit juices and smoothies, deli meats, salad dressings and seafood plus some top secret goodies you’ll hear about later. You’ll find our food kitchen in motion in Erlanger, Kentucky, just minutes away from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG).

Equipped with a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and an AV-10 (a full-sized industrial production HPP machine), Avure food scientists are ready to help customers with everything from recipe development and enhancement to concept testing and microbiological validation to food safety studies. They can even help with package design and proofing, making sure your products are HPP-ready.

Heavyweight partners to perfect the process
In addition to the Kentucky facility, Avure partners with several HPP Certified Laboratories worldwide to assist with HPP product and process optimization and regulatory requirements. Avure also has an extensive library of process and package validated studies conducted for regulatory approval, which are available for clients considering HPP technology. This can be a real jump-start for a start-up or a larger company starting a new line of products.

Test your HPP product on consumers
And if you want to perform some consumer testing on your product before going into full-scale production, Avure’s test kitchen can assist. As an FDA-registered food facility, customers can test recipes plus make enough product for consumer testing. Running larger sample sizes in final retail packaging is perfect for consumer sampling and test marketing.

“Having an FDA-registered food facility is a wonderful advantage for our customers who want to do consumer testing of products,” says Dr. Errol Raghubeer, Avure’s Senior VP for HPP Science and Technology. “Avure customers can bring in whole lists of products for fine-tuning in the test kitchen, HPP them, then take those products back for market testing. It’s a real game changer when developing new products.”

For answers to questions about facilities, equipment, product automation, product optimization, packaging and regulatory issues or to take advantage of Avure’s FDA-registered food facility, call us at +1 614 255 6633 or click here.