High Pressure Certified

Seal Certifies Coolness Under Pressure

Manufacturers of products pasteurized with High Pressure Processing, HPP, instead of heat are adopting a High Pressure Certified Seal to assure consumers that they’re buying products that offer more than a fresh appearance – they’re also safe to consume. The first products bearing the High Pressure Certified Seal are fruit juices; with other certifications rolling out into the consumer market this year.

“It’s actually in the marketplace now. You’ll see it on a lot of the Evolution Fresh products now throughout the nation. … It’s going to establish a standard to which a lot of products are going to be held,” said Jeff Williams, Chairman of the Cold Pressure Council, which is the organization behind the High Pressure Certified Seal and General Manager of JBT/Avure Technologies, which manufactures HPP machines that are used in HPP processing. Read more here