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Scalability and the Food Entrepreneur

Scalability is crucial. You hear it everywhere, from business mentors, venture capitalists, and other successful food entrepreneurs. In its plainest form, scalability simply means that your business can function (and function effectively!) as it increases in size. And in order to achieve growth, you’ve got to plan for it.

Here are a few tips for incorporating scalability into your business plan:

  • Think big. Sure it’s great to have your products in your neighborhood stores, but what if you went national? What if Costco came calling? If you plan for it now, you can implement it when the time comes.
  • Think strategically. There is no substitute for strategic planning. Know where you want to go, and carefully map the road to get there. Haphazard should not be in your dictionary.
  • Plan a step (or two or three) ahead. Should you hire people before you can really afford it? Are you ready for a new SKU? Are you ready to outlay cash for a big capital investment?
  • Delegate and automate. Scalability will require the ability to amplify your efforts, so teamwork and the right equipment are necessities.

At JBT-Avure, we understand the importance of scalability. That’s why we developed the world’s first scalable high pressure processing (HPP) machines, the AV-X and the AV-M. JBT-Avure HPP machines allow companies to incorporate HPP in the most cost-effective way possible. Customers can meet immediate production needs but can scale up their HPP machines as their product lines grow.

Both the AV-M and the larger AV-X can be scaled up without the expense or the added floor space needed for a second machine. It allows you to buy the size machine you need for production now, without worrying about future capacity. And you won’t have to buy another system six months down the road. You can simply upgrade your JBT-Machine, preserving your investment.