Forecasting Food Trends for 2019

It’s that time of year when we change out the calendar and gaze into our crystal ball to see what food trends will be catching people’s imagination. Here’s a look at what consumers will clamor for in 2019.

Clean Label is big. Again. The ingredient list should be short, pronounceable and have a basis in real food, not a laboratory. Clean and natural methods to improve food safety and extend shelf life like high-pressure processing (HPP) will continue to grow in popularity.

Transparency and origin. Producers should be ready to produce a pedigree for the products they’re bringing to the marketplace. People want to know, not only what’s in it but also where it came from and how it got there. And in an era of a seemingly endless list of recalls, this has become more important than ever!

Pro-and pre-biotics. Consumers will be looking to make their guts happier and healthier but looking for the added benefits of beneficial bacteria in their products.

Low to no sugar. Added sugar is now seen as a big no-no, and everyone is looking to cut way back on the sweet stuff.

Protein is king. The health-conscious will still be looking to cut the processed carbs and get more protein in their diet.

Snack packs. Small, portable, perfectly portioned goodies to tuck in your backpack or coat pocket will be huge with people on the go.

Aw, nuts. Full of healthy fats and protein, nuts appeal to everyone looking for a healthy lunch box treat or a workout Paleo snack.

Meatless meat. The rise of the plant-based burgers like the “Impossible Burger” and it’s like are making their way into the public via every conceivable outlet from Costco to White Castle!

Prepped offsite, prepared at home. Meal kits are still a big deal with major grocers like Kroger getting in on the trend. Since time continues to be a precious commodity, but good healthy food a priority, meal kits are a good solution for the gourmet on the go.

The Pegan Diet? What do you get when you cross the Paleo trend with the Vegan trend? Eating clean, avoiding processed carbs and limiting meat, consumers adopting the Pegan trend are crafting a diet with the parts they like best from the vegan and Paleo lifestyles.

Ginger. Turmeric. And good ol’ cinnamon. And any other spice or herb that adds flavor as well as a potential medicinal benefit, like being an anti-inflammatory, will be popular. Flavorful food that’s good for us, too? Yes, please!