Consumers Turning to Healthier Choices

Consumers Turning to Healthier Choices

It’s no secret that consumers are seeking out healthier options when it comes to their grocery lists. And while taste and price are the top two factors that impact our food buying decisions, healthfulness is a close third and quickly closing the gap with the other two.

With an eye toward health, almost 90% say they’re trying to eat more fruits and vegetables as part of their regular diet. And when consumers rate their priorities in life, the importance of a healthful diet ranked close to other major priorities like spending time with loved ones, being fulfilled in their jobs and having a healthy financial situation.

88% say they are willing to pay more for healthier foods

An interesting generational breakout happens when discussing healthy nutrition as well. Millennials don’t necessarily equate animal proteins and fats with being unhealthy, but Baby Boomers think too much meat and fat are major no-no’s in a healthy diet. And across all generations, more people are reading food labels and paying closer attention to ingredients.

A combination of factors make up what people consider “healthy” when shopping for food. “Health-promoting components”– think Omega-3s, anti-oxidants, and probiotics– combined with a “lack of less healthy components”, are seen as healthy choices. Artificial ingredients, additives and preservatives, and a long list of ingredients that read like a chemistry textbook are huge warning flags to today’s consumer.

And the majority of people across all demographics are willing to put their money where their mouth is. 88% say they are willing to pay more for healthier foods. Products that boast being GMO-free have no artificial coloring or flavors or are considered “all-natural” can demand higher prices.

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