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JBT products play a vital role in producing the vaccines and medicines that prevent illness and help those afflicted recover more quickly. The world’s leading producers place their trust in JBT’s quality and reliability to make cutting edge pharmaceuticals.

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Recent Projects


When a major pharmaceutical client creating a new hybrid (single use/stainless steel) facility to produce new gene therapies needed a ~50% faster delivery than industry average, JBT was called on to meet the need. Thanks to our vertical integration the team was able to run design, fabrication and testing in parallel across multiple skids while focusing the schedule around customer specific move-in plans. Full factory “wet-testing” was performed at JBT facilities to reduce in-field installation and commissioning. Rigging, reassembly and testing was managed by an A&B Installation supervisor who was fully involved in the original design and fabrication to ensure continuity of responsibility and project knowledge.


JBT was contracted to assist a major pharmaceutical client in the design, fabrication, and installation of bioprocess equipment to meet the clinical supply for biologics. This project featured bespoke design of two bioreactor skids – one bioculture and another for dual use (microbial/cell culture) with tanks, automation, and platforms – as well as three Clean-In-Place (CIP) skids and two biowaste skidded systems. JBT provided full 3D modelling and manufacturing of the reactors and skidded system, installation of wiring and electrical, plus acceptance testing after completion. Thanks in part to our effort, this customer was awarded the Facility of the Year award by the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE) in 2019.


One of the reasons customers choose JBT is our ability to provide a one-stop-shopping experience for the design, fabrication, and installation of a needed solution. JBT delivered this turn-key project before the customer’s specified dates, making for a smooth hand-off and ensuring that commissioning was successful. Coordination of the various activities was managed by a dedicated project manager; field activities were managed by a construction manager who was also responsible for site safety. The project consisted of Media Formulation Tanks, Transfer Pumps, Components, Portable Single Tank CIP, Filler Station Transfer Panel, Platforms, Piping and Automation and Engineering Services.


When a major biopharma manufacturing organization was constructing a new facility and wanted to standardize on suppliers, JBT was there to answer the call. In this case the customer required the use of specific component suppliers across the entire facility, which allowed them to reduce project costs and overall operational expense related to maintaining spare parts. By working with the customer’s designated construction firm, JBT was able to design the twelve CIP skidded systems in a modular fashion which allowed equipment to be delivered in a staged manner. This allowed construction and commissioning of controlled areas to proceed without delay. The staggered delivery schedule allowed the customer to devote minimal resources to Factory Acceptance Testing, as well as rigging activities at the site. Extensive Factory Acceptance Testing and reduced in-field testing resulted in faster delivery and lower project costs.


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