Granular Filler


Our granular filler ensures high filling accuracy, gentle product handling and minimum product loss. It can fill a broad range of wide mouth rigid and semi-rigid containers. The required filling volume is pre-measured by means of an adjustable lower and upper cup.

The No-can/No-fill system detects container presence and actuates the opening of the fill gate, allowing the product to enter the funnel to fill the container.

  • Gentle and accurate product filling is provided by individual spring-loaded fill gates
  • The use of individual gates avoids excessive rolling of the product, which minimizes product damage
  • Includes an electro-pneumatic No-can/No-fill system, which ensures proper timing of the gate actuation and eliminates product loss
  • Telescopic interchangeable upper and lower measuring cups and interchangeable funnels allow simple customization for both products and containers

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