Enhance the quality and flavor of your meat products with the advanced alco Tenderizer ASC. Designed to deliver outstanding results, our tenderizer utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide your products with numerous small incisions or optional perforations.

The process is seamless: your products are carefully guided through a pair of precision knife rollers, powered by a reliable belt system. These rollers deliver offset incisions from both below and above, ensuring thorough and consistent tenderization. What sets our tenderizer apart is the ability to adjust the cutting depth according to your specific requirements. With height-adjustable knife rollers, you have complete control over the level of tenderness.

The benefits are remarkable: This type of processing improves the product’s tenderness, dimensional stability, and cooking behavior as well as the absorption of coating media such as marinades. High-quality components, a proven design, and a multitude of adjustment options meet the food industry’s highest standards for hygiene, flexibility, individuality, and safety.

Features & Benefits

  • Distance between knife rollers is height-adjustable, enabling setting of cutting depth
  • Opens up muscle fibers for marination without destroying muscle integrity
  • Particularly high frequency of the incisions possible through a reduced gap between the blades or special toothing of the blades
  • Perfect product delivery by swivelling infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Maximize myosin protein availability for improved water binding characteristics, reducing cook-out, and improving product yields
  • Optional Cuber-Insert for perforating shaped meat products like burgers
  • High operating safety
  • Can be driven on four heavy-load steering rollers and rotated 360°, with parking brake and height adjustment


  • Blade height adjustment for setting the intensity of the incisions on the product
  • Reduced blade gap and special toothing raises the frequency of the incisions through the smaller gap of the toothed disc blades with finer teeth and a smaller tooth gap
  • The extended outlet belt acts as an additional conveyor line for gentle transfer to subsequent machines
  • A spindle height adjustment sets the height of the entire machine by means of a handwheel
  • The optional perforation reel perforates shaped meat products like hamburgers