Over 35 years JBT FTNON has built up vast experience in the field of wet pet food technology. With a wide range of installations, our systems have been used very satisfactorily by many leading pet food manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to our advanced pet food technology our customers have been able to improve efficiency and optimize the quality of their products.

Features & Benefits

  • Cooking meat with the help of steam
  • For the production of wet pet food for cats and dogs
  • Highly efficient systems
  • Improved product quality
  • Various belt systems available


  • Steam tunnels with stainless steel/teflon coated Kevlar belt
  • Color dosing systems
  • Extruders, cutting units and cooling conveyors

Options & Models

  • Product hoppers with pump systems
  • Infeed belts to cutting units
  • Dynamic three belt systems and buffer conveyors