Our FTNON Dynamic Cloud Control (DCC) Steamer is an energy efficient revolutionary steaming technology which reduces steam consumption up to 90%. The main benefit of steam is rapid heating of the produce, resulting in a faster sanitization without damage. This allows for improved shelf life, color, aroma and flavor of the produce.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimal heat transfer
  • Minimum start-up time, ready for production in five minutes
  • Minimum steam required for start-up
  • Automatic steam regulation: no product = no steam
  • Energy efficient system
  • Minimal product color loss
  • No flushing out of nutrients, vitamins, etc.
  • Minimal waste water (only condensate)
  • Less time required for cleaning, because of top hygienic design and liftable hood
  • Exhaust systems not needed

Options & Models

  • DCC Screw Streamer
  • DCC Fruit Steamer
  • DCC Belt Steamer