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Export Quality, High Durability Coating for Pineapples Sta-Fresh 2952 is a high quality, innovative pineapple coating developed especially for packers who require attractive fresh fruit appearance when transporting to distant markets. This new coating is the result of advanced coatings research, cutting edge technology coupled with formulation techniques acquired through 75 years of blending experience. It is a concentrated product formulated with quality ingredients that uniformly coat and adhere to the pineapple shell.Sta-Fresh 2952 provides excellent protection for pineapples by controlling dehydration and delaying color development resulting in maximum flavor and firmness. Pineapples coated with Sta-Fresh 2952 exhibit an attractive fresh fruit appearance even after long distance transport.

Features & Benefits

  • Superb dry spotting control
  • Outstanding shell color retention
  • Export quality shine
  • Excellent fresh fruit appearance
  • Superior dehydration control
  • Maximum flavor retention
  • Non-phytotoxic to crown
  • Will not enhance mold growth
  • Concentrated product
  • Recommended for shipments to distant markets