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Excellent Shine & Fresh Appearance for Pineapples Sta-Fresh 2981 is a high quality coating developed especially for packers who require  excellent shine and shell color preservation for pineapples. Our extensive experience in pineapple processing, formulation expertise, rigorous quality control program and state-of-the-art blending facilities allow us to consistently produce superior products. Sta-Fresh 2981 is a concentrated product formulated with special ingredients that uniformly coat and adhere to the pineapple shell. It provides excellent protection for pineapples by delaying color development and controlling dehydration, resulting in the fresh appearance of fruit. Pineapples coated with Sta-Fresh 2981 exhibit excellent shell color retention and shine from packing to market.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior shell color retention
  • Excellent shell shine
  • Attractive fresh fruit appearance
  • High quality stable emulsion
  • Easy to dilute and blend
  • Good dehydration control
  • Will not enhance mold growth
  • Concentrated product