Product Category

TIPPER TIE offers an assortment of labeling systems for a variety of applications. Designed to ensure control of the complete supply chain process from producer to consumer, the labels are printed and securely clipped during production.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be clipped on the first or second clip
  • Can become individual information carriers by including details like date, weight, batch and lot number, and producer’s code
  • Preprinting with customer’s logo enables use for advertising purposes and branding
  • Waterproof label and printing


  • Applications – meat and poultry products, non-meat proteins, fish and seafood, pet food, dairy products, other foods, industrial explosives, sealants and adhesives, and environmental products
  • TD60 TagPrint labeling system may be used with TT1815, TT1512, and SV4800

Options & Models

  • In addition to TD60 TagPrint, the following clippers are available with an automatic labeler:
  • Econo Clipper
  • Tabletop Double Clipper
  • TCV406-Z
  • KDCM
  • SV4800
  • TT1815
  • TT1512
  • TN3003
  • TTBag
  • TTBagS