Product Category

TIPPER TIE flat clip technology delivers a product unlike others available from the mainstream wire industry. They are the standard for secure package closure under extreme conditions like cooking and smoking processes, vacuum packaging, and supporting heavy loads. Various clip designs for specific uses extend their versatility to all known casing types including fibrous, collagen, and plastic; in addition to netting and aluminized film. 

Features & Benefits

  • Made from unique aluminum alloy
  • Manufactured under stringent standards surpassing those mainly available from the industry
  • Perform most effectively with TIPPER TIE clippers
  • Produced in ISO certified facilities for dependable, consistent quality
  • Reduce waste with Eco Clip reusable spools


  • Applications – meat and poultry products, non-meat proteins, fish and seafood, pet food, dairy products, other foods, industrial explosives, sealants and adhesives, and environmental products
  • Designs for every need like secondary packaging, sensitive casings, high friction, increased retaining force, and decreased retaining force

Options & Models

  • Companion Equipment – Mobile reusable stainless steel rack or large stainless steel rack (no wheels). Mobile holds 60 one-way spools or 42 reusable spools. Large rack holds 120 one-way spools or 84 reusable spools.
  • Flat clips available in most sizes and in selected colors: natural silver (standard), blue, gold, yellow, red, and green