Product Category

U-Clips are unsurpassed for most applications due to their wrap-around closure design enabling them to secure products with the same size clip and still maximize strength while minimizing costs. They are ideal for secure closures under extreme production conditions like vacuum packages, high stress from hanging or processing, and supporting heavy netted products. They handle all known casing types including plastic, collagen, and fibrous, in addition to netting, aluminized film, and fabric.

Features & Benefits

  • Made from special aluminum alloy
  • Produced under precise specifications exceeding those of the general wire industry
  • Function best matched with TIPPER TIE clippers
  • ISO certified production yields consistent, high quality
  • Full selection of clip designs for any application


  • Applications – meat and poultry products, non-meat proteins, fish and seafood, pet food, dairy products, other foods, industrial explosives, sealants and adhesives, and environmental products
  • U-Clips’ wax-tipped legs produce smooth consistent clip, minimize machine wear, and reduce risk of damaging sensitive casings

Options & Models

  • Exclusive U-Clip options:
  • E-Clips – proprietary design enhances holding strength, minimizes sensitive casing damage
  • T-Clips – flat surface delivers superior grip
  • Z-Clips – extra strength, perfect for vacuum applications
  • U-Clips available in most sizes and in the following colors: natural silver (standard), red, blue, green, yellow, black, and others on request