Our machines have a proven track record, trusted by numerous food industry businesses for years, when it comes to standardization and convenience technology.

Renowned brands such as Wagner’s pizza, Barilla’s sauces, and Wolf’s sausages are shining examples of the high-quality convenience food that alco processing machines consistently deliver. With their exceptional taste and appealing appearance, these products speak for themselves.

We understand that every business has unique requirements, which is why we pride ourselves on finding the ideal solution for your needs. To ensure a perfect fit for your product, we have established a state-of-the-art application technology center. Here, our team of expert technicians and product advisors will work closely with you to thoroughly examine our machines, leaving no stone unturned.

Customized JBT ALCO spiral freezers at Reinert Corp

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To expand the cooling capacity of Reinert Corp. in Germany, a tender was issued for a cooling system that could transport products without vibration and be easy to maintain and clean.

Jörg Timpe, Technology Manager for Reinert, remembers: “We wanted to expand in a manner that would save space and energy. In addition, hygiene, safety and quality are now more than ever top priorities in the meat-processing industry. The entire body of alco’s spiral cooler as well as all parts that would touch products are made of stainless steel (or have an FDA permit). Despite the minimal space, all components are easy to access and clean, which convinced us.”

Being a partner of alco for over 20 years now, HEIDEMARK stands for qualitative turkey processing, highest product safety, and highly efficient processes.

Here the company relies on the strong sales and engineering performance of alco. Thanks to short decision-making processes and a relationship based on mutual trust, alco manages to satisfy individual requirements and without further ado apply technical changes.

The coating line, which was acquired this year, additionally rounds off the repertoire of alco machines at HEIDEMARK. Fine, coarse, liquid, solid: Thanks to a variety of techniques the alco coating line applies coating media evenly, visually and economically to the product.

Full focus on flexibility: the JBT ALCO coating line at HEIDEMARK

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More automation, higher efficiency: JBT ALCO at BugBell

alco Brand Reference Page BugBell

The special character of the start-up “BugBell” from northern Germany lies in the composition of the ingredients of their dog food, because here insects serve solely as a mono protein source.

In order to test the scalability of prototype handmade production to industrial, automated series production, the forming machine AFM and the spiral oven ASH were tested live on site at alco’s application technology center. The “BugKeks” were first to be given their shape in the forming machine and then achieve the ideal final consistency in the spiral oven.

Guided by alco’s product consultants and technologists and in close cooperation with the BugBell food specialists, productive and profitable insights were gained for both sides.