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Whether round or square: The shape of food is crucial, too, since food is a feast for the eyes. During further processing, our machine will easily ensure that your products get the right shape.

Our high-pressure forming machine can form raw masses of various initial masses and product structures and portion them with exact weight. It doesn’t matter whether round or square: You can have the shaping plates of the machine individually designed according to your needs and get your product in attractive 2 or 3D shapes. Thanks to a specially developed filling channel system, this process will also be gentle and highly precise.

Perfectly suitable for burgers, meatballs, formed schnitzel, nuggets, fish sticks, and plant-based products

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for formed masses of various viscosity, from pasty to coarse
  • Continuously adjustable production speed
  • Special belt system for cylindrical products
  • Gentle product conveyance
  • Perfect product transfer through a pivotable outlet belt
  • Intuitive operation through a touch panel with recipe management
  • Simple and quick retooling of forming tools
  • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved materials


  • Forming machine – Sizes 250mm up to 600mm (250, 400, 600mm)
  • High-performance filling system that develops up to 80 bars of pressing power, optionally with an air ejector
  • 2D/2.5D/3D forming plate set that forms the top and bottom of the product over a forming plate with an individually selectable product form
  • Bridge breaker incl. reinforced funnel attachment, which pneumatically drives the breaker wave for very tough masses and ensures continuous feed of the mass into the spirals