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We produce state-of-the-art, micro-thin labels suitable for use on a broad range of fruits and vegetables. Made from polyethylene or polyurethane, our labels are designed to be extremely flexible, providing a wrinkle-free appearance on a multitude of surfaces. This flexibility in combination with advanced pressure-sensitive adhesives, ensures that our labels have superior performance from the packinghouse to the final marketplace. Our produce labels are tear and water resistant, and outperform paper labels in both appearance and ability to be easily removed from produce without ripping. The base label components are manufactured from EU and FDA-regulated food contact materials. By selecting EU and FDA base components, JBT labels should not present any issues resulting from inadvertent ingestion. Labels are produced directly by JBT on our state-of-the-art presses.  Controlling all aspects of label production not only guarantees the highest standards in quality, but also provides the flexibility to meet our customer’s unique requirements.