• State-of-the-Art Labeling Technology
    • Our portfolio of high-speed labelers are fully customizable to meet your needs, and available with both sold and lease options.
    • Strategic partnerships with Mac&Label and Laser Food
  • High Performance Produce Labels – Durable micro-thin films and superior adhesives promote application to a variety of commodities.
  • Innovative Label Designs – Whether for branding, PLU identification or country of origin requirements, our in-house graphic design support will assist in meeting your marketing needs.
  • Unparalleled Service – With our world-renowned service and parts support, you can expect more and get more from your product labeling partner.


We produce state-of-the-art, micro-thin labels suitable for use on a broad range of fruits and vegetables.

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FLEX-ID Labeling System - Fresh Produce Technologies | JBT FoodTech

FLEX-ID Labeling System

Our FLEX-ID Labeling System features new Print and Apply (P&A) technology that focuses on the needs of our customers. With an easy-to-use software system, users […]

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JBT Lane Labeler Assembly

G-3 Labeling System

Features & Benefits Delivers application speed up to 720 labels per minute Efficiencies of 95% or better depending on conditions Sizer Compatibility: All known brands […]

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Laser Labeling System | Natural Branding

Laser Labeling System

An innovative and eco-friendly solution by JBT Corporation and LaserFood, our Laser Labeling System allows produce processors to mark each single piece of fruit and […]

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