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Our FLEX-ID Labeling System features new Print and Apply (P&A) technology that focuses on the needs of our customers. With an easy-to-use software system, users can generate labels that bring a new level of traceability to produce labels.A patent-pending technology helps the unit achieve higher speeds while maintaining high-quality label integrity. The unit is also compatible with any JBT labeler (G3 or legacy Echo models) and can be dropped in behind the applicator unit.

Features & Benefits

  • Mounts behind any JBT Labeler (G3 or Echo Labeling System)
  • Traceability: Users can input unique lot codes and the software records (or captures) the print history of those codes
  • Inventory: Reduces the multitude of pre-printed labels needed on-site
  • Labels: Changes can be made with the HMI to the PLU system, without having to change the cassette, leading to reduced labor and time
  • User Interface: A simple software solution allows the operator to quickly generate and print custom labels
  • Custom Libraries: Users are able to set up their own PLU and grower ID libraries


  • Speed:
  • 750 cups/minute (at 100% cup fill)
  • 1000 cups/minute (at 90% cup fill)