Having sold over 40,000 machines worldwide, JBT engineers and technicians have solved some of the toughest food processing problems. Today, more than 50% of the world’s shelf-stable foods are filled, seamed or sterilized on JBT equipment. 


Our food scientists are continually developing new processing techniques, while also supporting food processors with ongoing thermal process needs. Our Research & Technology Centers (RTC) are working behind the scenes to make the food and beverages you process even better.


Our RTCs are located around the world and all services are provided on a strictly confidential basis.

Features & Benefits

  • Heat Penetration Studies
  • Temperature Distribution Studies
  • Heat Transfer distribution Studies
  • Process Deviation evaluation
  • Process Development and Optimization
  • Process Validation
  • Container Performance Testing
  • Regulatory Assistance
  • Training and audits
  • Support on water- treatment and water-analysis
  • Studies on filling accuracy


  • Process Simulation Capabilities: Our pilot plants and laboratory facilities are equipped with the most modern processing and simulation equipment in the industry.
  • Broad Container Processing Capabilities: We provide process solutions for all types of rigid and semi-rigid containers.
  • Pilot Sterilizer Rental

Options & Models

  • RTC locations for thermal processing:
  • Madera, California (US)
  • Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Ningbo, China