The Tectru GR-TT Gizzard Peeler, distributed by Prime, is designed to increase worker safety by eliminating hand-processing on peeler-roller tables, while delivering a high-yield solution for chicken and turkey gizzards. The high-capacity GR-TT  delivers processed gizzards onto a conveyor table for sorting. Gizzards that require rework are slid onto an sub-conveyor that leads to a repeeling bank. Re-worked gizzards are then delivered back to the inspection conveyor for a second visual check and additional rework if needed. 

Features & Benefits

  • Increases worker safety – no exposure to peeler rollers
  • High volume design for maximum throughput
  • Up to 12,5000 gizzards per hour, depending on re-work needs
  • Saves labor over hand grading/processing
  • High-yield repeeler minimizes product loss
  • Efficient cleaning of gizzards through mechanical peeler-rollers


  • Electrical requirements: 480V, 60Hz; 20A
  • Water requirements: 7 GPM
  • Weight: 850 pounds
  • Production Rate: Up to 12,500 gizzards per hour, depending on size