Our RP-3000 Counter-Rotating Picker utilizes the most effective and versatile defeathering method available. The first opposing drums pick downward; the next pick upward, for maximum picking success. This innovative method allows lower scalding temperatures. Also, the skin remains more firmly attached to assure a product of higher grade and yield, with better appearance and value.

Features & Benefits

  • Most versatile and efficient solution for defeathering
  • Alternating rotation assures less-tight picking
  • Improved picking allows lower scalding  temperatures
  • Multiple lengths and banks available
  • Proven design and durability reduce maintenance costs
  • Keeps skin firmly attached for higher grade and yield
  • More efficient picking allows lower scald water temperatures to lower heating costs


  • Electrical Requirements: 230-460V, 60 Hz, 3 ph 
  • Motor Specs (24-brush): (12) – 3 HP, 1750 RPM
  • Water Requirements: (2) – 1” Pipelines
  • Net Weight: 4200 lbs. (1905 kg)
  • Production Rate: Variable